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COVID and Youth Sports

This is our last week of Winter Water Polo for all practice groups, although 18/16-under boys will have practice next Monday, March 1, to account for canceled practices earlier in the winter season. Thank you to all Winter Session participants for a great season and for your support of the MBU program. Winter Swim at Titus for our 14/12-under boys and girls will continue through March 16 for boys and March 18 for girls. We are currently looking to start up a Spring Water Polo program beginning April 1 back on the Monterey Peninsula.

IMPORTANT - please read!

With the updated CDPH youth sports guidelines, which go into effect beginning this Friday, February 26, there are many changes taking place throughout our state specifically regarding a return to full contact practices and competition. These are exciting times and it is great to see progress in this area after a year without full contact practices or competition in California. However, with the current adjusted case rate in Monterey County at 18.4, these changes do not impact MBU at the current time, BUT, once we drop below 14/100K adjusted case rate, which may happen in the next couple of weeks, specific guidelines on returning to full contact and competition finally exist. As an organization we are still determining what actions we will take when we reach that metric and how our spring water polo program in April and May will look, specifically given the weekly testing requirement for athletes 13 and up, and within 24 hours of competition, but we expect to share an announcement shortly.

Thank you and please don't hesitate to reach out to Coach Burke with any questions.

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