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2021 USAWP Junior Olympics

JO's is scheduled for July 17 - 20, 2021 (boys) and July 22 - 25, 2021 (girls) in Orange County, CA, (10-under coed and 12-under coed play during the girls tournament). This multi-day tournament, held alternately in Southern and Northern California each summer, is the largest water polo tournament in the world and is considered to be the national championships for USAWP clubs. Typically over the course of the four day tournament, teams can expect to play 6 - 8 high quality matches against teams from all over the nation.

Fortunately, MBU has considerable flexibility in terms of whether and how we choose to participate in JO's this summer, meaning, we could choose to qualify as many teams as possible, enter just a select few (most likely scenario), or even none at all, and we'll be using this week and next to make those decisions. Our decision making process includes this club-wide survey, and your response and feedback is greatly appreciated. It is important to note that regardless of our final decision regarding JO's, we will still run a high-quality, comprehensive summer program for all age groups, which will include 3 - 4 practices weekly and numerous competitive opportunities.

In order to play in JO's our teams must qualify through the Pacific Zone NJO Qualifying Tournament. The qualifying tournament, which typically includes 4 - 6 games per team, provides excellent competition against teams from Northern California. Athletes that want to participate in JO's must be available not only for the corresponding JOs session, but for all qualifying games as well.

The tentative weekends for the qualifying tournaments this year are:

June 11 - 13: 10-under, 12-under, 14-under

June 18 - 20: 16-under

June 25 - 27: 18-under

Read more about JOs here. More information regarding JO's will be forthcoming, but hopefully, this provides enough information for you to start planning your summer plans.

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