Water Polo Swim Conditioning Coach

Marlee Figueroa was born and raised in Southern California in an aquatic family. Her mother swam and dove competitively and her father coached swimming and water polo, from beginners to Olympians. She attended UC Irvine where she met and married her husband Gary Figueroa, a water polo player.  They have two grown children, a daughter Jorji, and a son Sam.


Marlee began her career as a swim coach/ teacher when she was 15, working for a swim club that practiced at her high school. She has coached swimming off and on since then working at YMCA’s, swim clubs, water polo clubs and country clubs.  


Currently, Marlee coaches the Dolphin and AG2 groups for Seaside Aquatics. She is also in charge of Seaside’s satellite team at Corral de Tierra Country Club.  There she coaches a novice level swim team, a water fitness class and gives ‘learn to swim’ lessons to brand new swimmers.

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